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With the Learnxplore app, learning is now fun, easily accessible, and very affordable.
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Here are our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is Learnxplore and how do I sign up?

    With a focus on K–12 education, Learnxplore is an Afrocentric EdTech startup on a goal to democratize access to education by making learning affordable and available to young students (ages 4-14). In particular, we want to provide education to Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Our goal is to provide all Africans with high-quality, accessible, and affordable education. Thousands of instructive video lessons offered by professional tutors are available on our app for an in-depth explanation. We create learning materials on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) for early learners. Our solutions are designed to help students in Africa perform better on tests and exams and achieve better learning results. To create an account, download the "Learnxplore" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. When you subscribe as a user, you get access to several already recorded video lessons and are able to contact our tutors with inquiries on any subject taught.
  • What are the benefits of using Learnxplore?

    Among the many advantages of using the Learnxplore App are the following: • Access to a large selection of top-notch, curriculum-related video tutorials, which are further improved by the incorporation of digital animation and illustration to aid students in understanding important and occasionally difficult ideas. • The flexibility to use the pre-recorded library at the learner's own speed. • Detailed learning analytics that enables a learner to track and evaluate progress across subjects and/or specific topics, as well as their parents and/or guardians. • An innovative approach to education that is enjoyable and stimulating that enhances conventional educational methods. • WhatsApp's in-chat feature.
  • Does using the Learnxplore app mean I have to use my data?

    Yes. Learnxplore is a data-streaming service.
  • What methods of payments does Learnxplore accept?

    You can pay for your Learnxplore subscription via the following methods: ALL USERS Debit/Credit card Either on Learnxplore website (www.Learnxplore.com) or the Learnxplore app on Google Playstore and Apple App store.
  • Can I change my phone number?

    To change your phone number, log in to the Learnxplore mobile app and navigate to my profile, Click edit profile and update your phone number then click save
  • Can I update my password?

    Yes, you can. Navigate to account security on the mobile app and simply change your password
  • Are my card credentials saved?

    Every purchase on the app or web is secure and encrypted and we do not have access to the user's bank or card details. For Android users, payment is being made through Paystack, which offers different payment methods such as direct transfer, USSD, and Debit/credit card. For iOS users, all payments are carried out through Apple in-app purchases with a valid apple ID. You can find more details in our privacy policy and terms of use
  • How much for a Learnxplore subscription?

    The price of a Learnxplore subscription depends on the package you purchase. Users have the option to subscribe to either a Starter Plan or a Pro plan. With either of these subscriptions, paid (in NGN) users will have access to all the suite of offerings available on the app The Subscription plans include: Starter Plan - Access to all resources and video contents • Monthly - (2,500) • Quarterly - (7,000) • Yearly - (28,000) Pro Plan - All Starter Plan features and the ability to download video content in-app • Monthly - (3,500) • Quarterly - (10,000) • Yearly - (38,000) All subscription plans can be a recurring or one-off purchase
  • Do I need a smartphone to use Learnxplore?

    Yes, you do. By deciding to purchase any of the subscription plans, you get access to the available resources and video content on your mobile device. However, you can also access your purchased plan on the web using your laptop or desktop with the same login credentials on your mobile device
  • Can I use Learnxplore on a device besides a smartphone?

    Yes, you can. You can learn on the app with a phone/tablet via our mobile version or laptop via our web version.
  • How do I confirm that my online payment was received and processed?

    If you paid online or in the app with your debit or credit card, your subscription will be automatically activated. If your subscription has not been automatically activated and/or you want to confirm the status of your online payment, please contact our customer service department via WhatsApp at +2349031105327 or via email at hello@learnxplore.com and one of our representatives will be able to help you. Upon making a successful purchase of any of the available subscription plans, a payment confirmation receipt is sent to your email. Once your payment is, successful you get access to the resources and streaming content and your subscription becomes active.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    For Android users, when subscribed to a recurring plan, you can choose to cancel your subscription. By navigating to the pricing plan on the mobile app. Select Cancel subscription and click, cancel. Once your subscription is canceled, you will no longer be charged on a recurring basis. However, you will still have access to the resources and video content until the plan expires For IOS users, cancel your available subscription. Go to settings on your apple device, and navigate to subscriptions. Select the subscription you would like to cancel and then cancel
  • How can I reach you if I have any issues on the app?

    Right on the mobile app, you can reach out to our customer support on WhatsApp by navigating to customer support. Alternatively, you can send us a mail at hello@learnxplore.com and we will be in touch with you.
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